Wrist Rest Pad for Keyboards, Full Size, Stitched Edges, 17.5”x4”x1” (Black)

DIMENSIONS: 17.5 in x 4.0 in x 1.0 in – Fits Full Size keyboards while elevated angle helps maintain proper ergonomic wrist positioning

MEDIUM FIRMNESS FOAM CORE: Fully cushioned foam core eases the pressure to allow for extended periods of gaming

SMOOTH CLOTH SURFACE: Soft interlock fabric provides a comfortable surface for the wrists and palms to rest

NON-SLIP RUBBER BASE: Heavy-grip backing secures the wrist rest in place ensuring stability and consistency in gameplay

ANTI-FRAYING STITCHED FRAME: Dual stitching on the edge and base protects against surface peeling for maximum durability

Full-Size Wrist Support
High-Density Core
Dual Stitched Frame
Non-Slip Rubber Base
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