Headphone and Headset Desk Hanger, Foldable with Adjustable Clamp (Black)

CLUTTER-FREE SETUP: Creates space by hanging headphones off the desk and conveniently folds up while gaming

DIMENSIONS: 1.18 in x 2.13 in – 4.72 in x 3.31 in – Low-profile hanger supports headphone band depths up to 2.5 in.

FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION: Mounts in either horizontal or vertical position without the use of screws or adhesives

ADJUSTABLE SCREW CLAMP: Securely anchors onto desks, tables, and stands with a clearance up to 2.05 in

DUAL PROTECTION: Solid aluminum body with soft rubber padding protects both desks and headphones from scratching

Create Desk Space
Folding Arm Design
Flexible Installation
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