DotA 2: Sneaky and Aggressive Wards Pt. 2

DotA 2: Sneaky and Aggressive Wards Pt. 2

Hello again, my friends. Based on the positive feedback from the previous article (thanks Reddit!), I have decided to make a return to the training grounds once again with 6 more wards that should prove to be difficult for the opposition to deward. The format will be quite similar to the previous article. The article will focus on sneaky and aggressive ward spots that will help to secure objectives and ganks. So lets get right to it then, shall we?

First set of wards are going to be for the Dire side, focusing around the shrine and bounty rune areas.

Ward 1: This ward is located northeast of the Radiant top Bounty rune.

Ward a

This ward serves a few purposes, for one, it provides full vision of the Radiant top Shrine, able to spot TP rotations to the top lane. It also gives vision of the bounty and big neutral camp, allowing for ganks and bounty rune thievery.

Ward 2: This ward is located just north of the Radiant T2 tower.

Ward b

I like this ward because it is quite sneaky and it provides a good deal of vision of enemies rotating to mid lane or towards top. It can also catch the enemy farming the ancient camp nearby. Generally giving your team the information necessary to coordinate successful smoke ganks.

Ward 3: This ward is located south of the Radiant bottom shrine.

Ward c

This ward provides crucial vision of the enemy’s jungle and shrine. This will provide vision of the enemy team farming jungle, or TPs to their shrine. It has a high chance of spotting enemy heroes separated from their team.

The next set of wards will be for the Radiant side, focused again around the shrine and bounty rune areas.

Ward 4: This ward is located northeast of the bottom dire bounty rune

Ward d

A nice and sneaky ward that provides vision of the bounty rune and the T2 mid. This can help secure the objective of the T2 mid or just as an aggressive information ward used for coordinating smokes.

Ward 5: This ward is located slightly north of the Dire bottom shrine.

Ward e

Not a super sneaky ward, but I do feel like it is still unlikely to be dewarded, as most players will attempt to deward the eye spot. I feel shrine vision is quite important because it can give your team the confidence to fight on top of their shrine in a favorable manner.

Ward 6:  This ward is located northeast of the Dire top shrine.

Ward f

This is a nice and obnoxious ward for the Dire to deal with, fairly unlikely to be dewarded. It is a strong ward for providing a good deal of vision of the enemy shrine, as well as their ancients. This particular ward would be good for helping to secure Roshan or just getting crucial vision of the enemy team.

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you learned a few new ward spots to surprise your enemy with. I really enjoy doing these blog posts, especially when other people can find them useful as well. This will be my last warding guide for now, as I would like to focus on other aspects of supporting too. If there is anything in particular about supporting that you guys would like to know more about, please let me know. I shall return.

-SZ | James